Megen Betts '12

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Geneva, Ohio

Why did you choose to pursue your degree?
I had the help of Dr. Muller and Dr. Piker-King when trying to decide what approach I should take during my time at Mount Union, before I enter mortuary school. After taking an Introduction to Sociology class, I realized how broad the major really is and that the information could be put into the counseling aspect of my future job. The topics vary but I find all of them very interesting and I cannot wait to get further into my major as time progresses.

What types of jobs are available for students who share your major?

A sociology degree gives someone many different job options. A person could use their sociology degree to become a probation officer, a counselor or a private investigator. Also, a Sociology degree could be used to enter Graduate School to further one’s education.

How will you use your degree upon graduation?
Upon graduation, I will use my degree to go on to mortuary school. I plan on attending The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science or The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.

What activities are you involved in?
As of right now, I am not involved in any activities because I took my first semester to get situated into college life. Second semester, I hope to join a sorority and other organizations.

What elements should a person possess in order to succeed in your major?

To major in sociology an individual should like interacting with people because Sociology is the study of people. I also think a person needs to have a caring personality and the desire to learn something new everyday.

Megen Betts

Sociology contains a variety of topics that might be of interest to someone. The amount of options to study under sociology is endless and the knowledge obtained by sociology classes can be used for other areas of study.

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