Dr. Mandy Geddis Capel

Teaching Area(s): Education

My favorite place on campus is the sidewalk.  To me, the sidewalks on campus are where the true spirit of Mount Union exists.

Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership: Program Director’s Welcome


Welcome to the Mount Union Master’s in educational leadership Program.

Mandy Capel

Our graduate program is designed to develop confident leaders in the field of education and beyond. Within our two-year program, we assist candidates in meeting the challenges of creating highly-effective learning communities that promote meaningful and effective change in local, national, and global environments.

As an alumna, faculty member, and program director at Mount Union, I can assure you that our Mount Union faculty and programming are second to none. Our program is an online program that prides itself with meaningful interactions between program candidates, faculty, and internship mentors. Our curriculum is modernized and relevant to the field. The yearlong internship is designed to provide an in-depth understanding in a practical format, and adhere to the demands and challenges of a working professional. Candidates in the program benefit from the diverse backgrounds of faculty and the diverse work experience of their peers.

The decision to pursue a master’s degree in educational leadership takes passion, dedication, and desire for foundational advancement in leadership and organizational change. This humbling and ambitious path will lead to opportunities, and make an impactful difference in the lives of students and teachers.

Best wishes to you as you pursue your career aspirations in the field of education at the University of Mount Union.

Mandy Capel
Program Director and Internship Coordinator of Master’s in Educational Leadership Program

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