Message From the Chaplain

Rev. Marty CashBurless

Welcome to Dewald Chapel.  As the Chaplain of the University, I serve as one of many committed staff and faculty members on campus.  My role is to assist you in your spiritual journey wherever it may take you as you live on campus and work toward your degree.  You are called to be a professional learner in spiritual growth.  A child's spirituality will not sustain you in the challenges you will face as an adult, so don't forgo this chance to make all the progress you can in your spiritual journey.  The Activities and programs on campus are directed toward asking important questions.  "Why am I here?"  "What is it?" "How do I confront evil and injustice?" "What does my faith teach me about life?" Come, join us for a year of challenges, changes and rich rewards.

One of the most important groups on campus is the Spiritual Life Leadership.  It is the umbrella organization of all religious life organizations on campus.  It includes the following groups:  FCA, CRU, Bible Studies, The Edge, IVOP, Kappa Phi, FLOCK.  A short description of each group is listed on our "Spiritual Life Groups on Campus" webpage.

SLL's function is to coordinate efforts by individual and groups to promote and support spiritual life on campus. Information is shared in bi-monthly meeting and special events such as retreats, prayer vigils, film showing, music concerts and outreach activities. The key role that SLL plays is to promote a spirit of unity and fellowship on campus as we face the challenges of life on campus.

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