Ryan Adler

Ryan Adler M ‘11

Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Job Title: Physician Assistant

My education at Mount Union gave me the confidence to go into my career ready to take on new challenges and continue my education on the job.

Message from the Physician Assistant Studies Program Director

Sharon Luke - Physician Assistant Studies

                Sharon Luke

Welcome to the Mount Union Physician Assistant Studies Program! Mount Union is a four-year liberal arts faith-based institution with a focus on student preparation towards fulfilling lives, meaningful work and responsible citizenship. The Physician Assistant Studies Program is a Master’s-level program at Mount Union, and we are excited to have you as a potential applicant!

Our Physician Assistant Studies Program is dedicated to the development of competent, compassionate healthcare providers who are able to work in conjunction with the supervising physician as an integral participant of the medical team. We offer a curriculum rich in biomedical and clinical preparatory sciences, which allows students to become critical thinkers. Our program curriculum develops the medical decision-making and problem-solving skills that may be applied to patient situations encountered in clinical practice. Our students benefit greatly from our PA faculty, who are practicing physician assistants working in clinical settings, bringing firsthand experience and relevant material straight into the classroom. Read what past PA students have to say about the program.

You have chosen a wonderful profession to enter. Physician assistants have a wide range of opportunities afforded them in the realm of medicine. PAs are valuable members of today’s healthcare delivery teams, as they work along with physicians to deliver quality care to patients in all areas of medicine. PAs can work nearly anywhere physicians are found. Current job opportunities for physician assistants are vast; with the U.S. Department of Labor indicating a 38% increase in job availability between the years of 2012-2022.

Please let me know if I can assist you as you work to reach your goal of entering the Mount Union Physician Assistant Studies Program. Best wishes to you as you pursue the exciting journey toward entering the physician assistant profession! 

Sharon Luke, MSHS, PA-C
Program Director of Physician Assistant Studies

Excited to dive in to the PA program? Learn more about application into the Physician Assistant Studies Program.

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