Miranda Reeder '15


Alumna Experience: Teaching for the JET Program 

I applied to the JET Program for the position of Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) during my senior year at Mount Union, and I was accepted into the program for the upcoming year. ALTs work in Japanese public schools including elementary, middle, and high schools to support Japanese teachers of English in their classrooms. ALTs usually work at multiple schools, helping students with their English skills.  This job requires proficiency in the Japanese language.  I will be working fulltime as an ALT starting in August of 2015. 



Student Experience: Studying Abroad at Kwaisei Gakuin University

Going to Kwansei Gakuin, I was a little nervous because I’d heard that it had one of the more intense Japanese language programs. But looking through their program guide, I couldn’t help but be excited because with their courses it’s almost impossible not to learn Japanese and learn it well. You can choose between an intensive or regular track with each one having its own merits. The regular track has both language and culture courses you can choose from while the intensive track focuses solely on language acquisition. I chose the intensive track and I don’t regret a moment of it. 

No matter which track you choose, Kwansei Gakuin provides you with a Japanese language partner who is a Japanese student from the University that you are paired up with at the beginning of the semester. Your language partner helps you set up your insurance, your phone and anything else you might need help with. In addition, they meet you weekly for lunch. It’s a great way to make a friend and practice your speaking skills.

Being at Kwansei Gakuin was a great experience. My Japanese improved exponentially, the teachers were all wonderful and there is never a lack of things to do whether you’re living in a dorm or with a host family.

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