Morgan Cmunt '18

Major: Criminal Justice/Sociology
Hometown: Lordstown, Ohio

Member of Alphia Xi Delta, True North and the Student Board of Conduct

Future police officer

Choosing Mount Union
My older cousin came here and then I participated in Buckeye Girls State with the Highway State Patrol and I fell in love from there. I knew the second that I stepped on to this campus that it would be my forever home and I haven’t looked back!

Friendly Atmosphere
What I LOVE about Mount Union is how warm and open everyone is on campus. When I walk around campus I am always greeted with smiles and waves. These students and faculty have made this place my home and themselves my family. My sorority plays a huge role in being a home away from home. Those 99+ sisters that I have gained through the years have made this a place that I never want to leave and when I do leave, I am so excited just to be back on campus with them all. 

Raider Pride
I would say our heart, pride, and accepting of everyone separate Mount Union from other colleges. I don’t think you could find another college that has as much love and spirit as our campus. When I say that we are a family, I genuinely mean it. Every person has a place where they belong on our campus and can further their passions with others that have the same interests.

Advice to Future Raiders
Come in with an open mind, open heart, and a love for the color purple. When you leave all your expectations at home, it’s amazing to see what you will accomplish and become here. I never would have thought that I would be on the executive board of a sorority or have had the chance to climb the highest mountain in New York, but through Mount Union you are encouraged to explore all possibilities and excel in everything you do. 

Hands-On Adventures
I have had the opportunity in my classes to meet so many professionals (State Highway Patrol, Homeland Security, TSA, Ocean City Police Department, Gang Task Force and Researcher from Canada, etc.) and I had the opportunity intern for a short period with the Law Director of Alliance. But, my favorite experience was this summer I interned with the Ocean City Police Department in Ocean City, Maryland. I was able to work in the detention center where I was able to get certified and trained in the CJIS (national finger printing system), handcuffing, Mace, first aid, and so much more. Not many people can say before graduating college and under the age of 21 that that worked a full summer at a police department already and are certified in the major systems!

Unique Opportunities
I actually found through my Sculpture 1 class with Professor Buganski that I love working with clay building and casting, and this can help me in the future at crime scenes and working with facial recreation specialists. 

Favorite Academics
So far my favorite class has been the Crime Investigation class with Dr. Andy Bain because we were given multiple crime scenes throughout the semester and were taught how to take finger prints from objects, determine blood spatter, reporting techniques, and also investigating a crime scene with caution and safety. Dr. Bain would have to be my favorite professor if I had to choose. Not only has he been my professor of at least one class every semester, he is my advisor and I can say whole heartedly that I would not been the student I am today without his guidance. He has brought so many opportunities to his students and although he is a very tough professor, he will not accept anything but perfection. He has pushed me to excel in not only the classroom, but in my field work. He is an amazing professor and human all the way around.

Ultimate Goal
My career goal is to work on a task force directly associated with sex crimes and human trafficking, whether that’s finding the perpetrator, helping the victim, or tracking children. I hope to find myself in a special agency such as the FBI, CIA, or in a large police department. Mount Union has prepared me by actually giving me the opportunity to meet these people and the connections before I graduate. Just this semester, we've had a recruiter for the FBI in Cleveland come speak to our class. 

Morgan Cmunt

Come in with an open mind, open heart, and a love for the color purple.

Fun Facts

Do you prefer Macs or PCs?
PCs all the way!
What's your favorite holiday and why?
St. Patrick's Day because I'm Irish and darn proud of it!
What's your guilty pleasure TV show?
New's a sick obsession.
What did you want to be as a kid?
Either a Police Officer or a Wild Thornberry
What's your favorite app?
To The Top!