Mount Adds Minor in Chinese to its Curriculum

December 07, 2011

In an effort to enhance the diversity of the University of Mount Union’s campus community while exposing students to an array of cultures, ideas and values, a minor in Chinese has been added to Mount Union’s curriculum.
Mount Union’s minor in Chinese, which will begin in the 2012-2013 Academic Year, will allow students to achieve a novice to intermediate level understanding of the language and provide them with a solid foundation for further study. Students can pair a minor in Chinese with any number of majors, which will further elevate their competitive edge in the job market.
“By taking courses in Chinese, students will learn to understand and also appreciate Chinese language and culture,” said Dr. Ting Shen, assistant professor of foreign languages and cultures. “This type of knowledge will better prepare students for their academic journeys at Mount Union and their future careers.”
Students who choose to pursue a minor in Chinese can take courses in both elementary and intermediate Mandarin Chinese as well as Chinese film and the people and cultures of contemporary China.
In addition to the Chinese minor, Mount Union also will launch The Discover China Program, a unique one-year opportunity for students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture. This two-semester program, culminating with an early-summer, faculty-led travel experience, is slated to begin in the fall of 2012. Through this program, students will gain invaluable experience and knowledge through four distinct components – coursework, a residential immersion experience, study abroad and service-learning.

Discover China is being funded thanks to the generosity of Jim and Pam Griffith. Jim is a member of the Mount Union Board of Trustees and serves as president and chief executive officer of The Timken Company. Jim is no rookie when it comes to Chinese language and culture, as he has made more than 30 visits to China since 1996 when he was assigned to open the Chinese market for Timken. According to Jim, in a current Mount Union student’s lifetime, China will be the most important economic partner for the United States. It is vital for people to have the ability to understand and appreciate the opportunity at hand to create interrelationships with China.
The Chinese minor and Discover China are both administered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, which also offers programs in French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
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