Mount Union Alumnae are National Sponsors of Kappa Phi

April 13, 2010

An exciting time is approaching for Kappa Phi.

The current national sponsor Dianne McKenzie '78 will be passing her position to fellow Mount Union graduate Jean Chirpas '71 this summer at the National Council of Chapters, which will be held on the Mount Union campus June 15 through 21. This marks the first time in the history of Kappa Phi that outgoing and incoming national sponsors have been graduates of the same college.

Founded in 1916 at the University of Kansas, Kappa Phi is a club for Christian university women that focuses on four areas: service, worship, fellowship and study. The Alpha Psi chapter was formed at Mount Union in 1969. Although Kappa Phi is historically linked with the United Methodist Church, it is a non-denominational group that welcomes any Christian university woman who wishes to unite in friendship and a common search for high values.

The club elects alumnae of the organization into positions of leadership on the National Executive Board. These offices are elected at the Kappa Phi National Council of Chapters every two years. The position of national sponsor is the highest national office of Kappa Phi and is an eight-year term.

Working in this position since 1999, McKenzie states in 'The Candle Beam,' the national publication of the organization, that 'there is no way to estimate the number of women who have been touched by an organization that began as a small group of women gathered to study God's word.'

Chirpas has acted as an 'Associate' Sponsor for the last two years. In her new position she will be traveling around the nation, visiting and working with different campus chapters and overseeing the rest of the National Executive Board.

'I am excited to take on this new position and I'm ready to serve,' said Chirpas.

The National Council of Chapters will be a time for Kappa Phi to invite delegates from all chapters, as well as alumnae of the organization, to Mount Union College for a week of events. Bible studies and business meetings, as well as initiation of new officers are just a few of the scheduled activities.

'We will also be holding 'Meal in the Upper Room,' which is similar to the Last Supper, and will be honoring women with a Legion of Light ceremony,' said Chirpas. This began in 1920 when the first missionary was sent out from the Epsilon Chapter. There will also be a banquet during the week. Reservations for the National Council are due April 15.

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