Mount Union Alumni Could Win Wedding of Their Dreams

April 13, 2010

Mike Benner '03 and Jamie Snyder '02 recently entered a wedding contest through WFMJ of Youngstown. 95 couples entered the contest and Benner and Snyder were chosen as one of the four finalists.

Benner majored in Information Systems and was a member of Phi Kappa Tau and played baseball and Snyder was a member of Alpha Chi Omega and majored in Psychology. Both of them had mutual friends and met at a party at Mount Union in November of 2000. They started dating December 9, 2000 and to Snyder's surprise, they were engaged on Christmas Day of 2006.

Snyder talks of the engagement, 'Finally, at 10:15 p.m. on Christmas night, after anticipation and slight disappointment all day, Mike showed me that he was ready to begin another chapter of our life together. I cried from excitement, shock, and relief that the moment had arrived. After asking if he was serious just to be sure, I immediately said a tearful yes!'

After being engaged, the couple chose May to recite their vows. However, there were many changes occurring in her family so they knew that they would not be able to plan a wedding in such a short time. They then heard of the Wedding Contest. 'We live in Beloit and we only get two local channels, WFMJ being one of them. We saw the commercial for the contest four days before the deadline and thought we had nothing to lose so we hurried up wrote the essay, filled out the questionnaire, found a good picture and sent it in at the last minute,' said Snyder.

Soon after, they received a phone call and were in the top 11. They then went to the Eastwood Mall and were videotaped, but it was not on television, met two of the news anchors and answered some questions. Snyder says, 'I think they videotaped it to see how well you do on camera because the actual wedding is live on air.'

Based on the videotape and how talkative the couples were, it was narrowed down to four finalists. Benner and Snyder are one of these finalists and were interviewed on WFMJ live Wednesday, March 13.

The wedding package is worth $65,000. 'It includes the rehearsal dinner, wedding, three on each side for the wedding party, 100 guests, reception, photographer, flowers, honeymoon, tuxes, the dress; basically everything you could think of,' said Snyder. The wedding is on May 18 and is held at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown.

Snyder and Benner could win all of this with the community's help. Starting Friday, March 16 at 7 a.m., the public can vote for one of the four couples. The voting will end March 24 at 11 p.m. The couple with the most votes will win the wedding and the winner will be announced live during WFMJ Today on Monday, March 26.

Once the couple has been chosen, the public can continue of details of the wedding such as the bride's dress, the flowers and the honeymoon location.

To vote, go to and help Jamie and Mike win the wedding of their dreams.

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