Mount Union Announces Grand Opening of Newly-Renovated Snack Bar

April 13, 2010

Mount Union College's newly remodeled snack bar, 'B&B Caf',' located in Campus Grounds, celebrated its grand opening on Tuesday, January 16, 2007.

The snack bar has been a part of the Hoover-Price Campus Center since the building opened in 1962. During the past 44 years, that area of the building has undergone a number of facelifts and name changes.

This most recent renovation was made possible through the commitment of funds from the late Basil 'Buster' Strong '26 and his wife Betty, who were major donors to the College. Their lives were a classic love story as they enjoyed more than 70 years together and died naturally in their 90s less than one day apart in December 2001.

To recognize their legacy, the snack bar will be named in their honor. The hope was for the restaurant or caf' area to have its own identity and distinctive name.

'Since the snack bar area is a student space, it was only natural for the campus community to have a chance to name the area themselves,' said Michael Ihrig, assistant director of public affairs for web content, who organized the main survey. 'Students were asked to vote for one of four possibilities or to create a name of their own.' Possibilities included Buster and Betty's, B-Strong Caf', Buster and Betty's Den and B&B Caf'.

According to Ihrig, a total of 484 nominations were received. The name that received the most votes was B&B Caf' with a total of 235 votes and Buster and Betty's received 120 votes. Students also suggested 67 other creative names.

Within the next few weeks, a sign will be hung in front of the caf' to help distinguish the B&B Caf' from Campus Grounds.

Inspiring and motivational quotes by Mount Union alumni are scattered along numerous walls in the caf'. They were chosen from past Unonians (the Mount Union yearbook) and other College publications.

Physical aspects of the snack bar and Campus Grounds have been changed to a new array of eye-catching blues, greens and purples on the walls, furniture and flooring. The interior decorating complements the renovations made to the dining center and the Hoover-Price Campus Center overall during the summer of 2006.

'B&B Caf' has comfortable booths, moveable tables, elevated seating and a bar,' said Blaine D. Lewis, director of the physical plant at the College. 'One of the many things that has changed in the snack bar area are the number of televisions. The reason behind decreasing the number of televisions was to give the snack bar more of a social atmosphere.'

Fundamentally the menu is similar, although there have been some foods and beverages added to the choices. New foods and beverages include wraps and smoothies.

'I really like the smoothies,' said Alex Ulbricht, a freshman media studies major of Alliance. 'I think it helps to have healthier items on the menu because it helps prevent the 'freshman 15.'

Most of the food equipment is new. The ordering station is closely related to the march' concept of the dining center, as chefs freshly prepare meals right before those ordering.

This past summer, a $3 million renovation of the dining center initially included renovating the snack bar area and Campus Grounds. While renovating the dining center the College decided to revamp entrances, hallways, a computer lab and other rooms used for educational purposes in the Hoover-Price Campus Center. The College held off on the renovation of Campus Grounds and the snack bar area until the holiday break.

'Instead of starting the renovations during finals week, we decided that it was in the student's best interest that we leave the area alone for academic and social purposes,' said Lewis.

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