Mount Union College Announces Opening of Renovated Dining Center

April 15, 2010

Mount Union College's newly remodeled dining center, located in the Hoover-Price Campus Center, will celebrate its opening this weekend hosting the Community Breakfast, as part of the Carnation Festival's activities, on Saturday, August 12. This renovation is the first of many planned to improve the residential experience for students on campus.

College officials believe the residential nature on campus must meet the current needs of students. National trends indicate that prospective college students and their families want comfort as well as strong academic programs when considering college choices.

'Today's students require nice places to live, a car nearby, the kind of food they want and the ability to get it when they want it,' said Dr. Richard F. Giese, president of Mount Union. 'An enhanced dining center is necessary if we want to remain a competitive force in higher education.'

One of the on-campus locations students consider significant to their experience at a college is the dining area.

In the spring of 2006, Mount Union announced that it would partner with AVI Food Systems, including a $3 million renovation of the dining center.

This renovation will reduce the long lines students have experienced in the past, replaced by march' style dining, whereby chefs freshly prepare their meals in an open area. The new dining area includes a fresh bakery, deli and areas serving grilled food, pizza, pasta and desserts, offering both international and home-style cuisine for students.

Physical aspects of the cafeteria were changed including a new color scheme of oranges, greens, purples, tans and silvers on the walls, furniture and flooring. Entrance options to the hall also have been remodeled to replace the single line of entry to several entry points for faster service.

'Our dining room had not changed since its inception in the 1960s,' said Giese. 'The renovations put us in the upper tier of desirable dining opportunities among our competitors.'

The changes made to the dining area are accompanied by other renovations in the Hoover-Price Campus Center. The entire Campus Center has undergone a face-lift with interior decorating to match the dining area. The area that previously held the convenience store now houses the Campus Center computer lab, the previous computer lab is now the Alumni Room, and the former Main Lounge and Alumni Room were remodeled into East and West rooms allowing multiple entrances to the dining area.

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