Mount Union College Announces Summer Information Technology Migration Projects

June 01, 2010

The Department of Information Technology at Mount Union College will begin two major migration projects this summer that will affect the entire campus community. The first project includes a migration from Netware, the current network operating system, to Windows Active Directory (AD).

The second project is a move from GroupWise, the current e-mail system, to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. Exchange is the mail system on the server, and Outlook refers to the mail program that users will see on their individual computers.

Migration began in April and is expected to be complete by August. The first step in the process is the migration by departments of Netware accounts, home spaces (including common spaces) and hand-in/hand-out folders. The reconfiguration of desktop machines will follow and the project will wrap-up with the migration of e-mail from GroupWise to Exchange/Outlook.

A number of reasons exist for the migration, including standardization, compatibility with administrative systems, central management virus control and quality of service.

In order for the migration process to proceed smoothly, the Department of Information Technology asks that users:
Clean up all files on the H:/drive, S:/drive and M:/drive.
Delete old files no longer needed.
Save important files to CD, keeping only those files needed on a day-to-day basis within the various drives.
Clean-up the e-mail in stored in mailboxes, keeping only the mail that is necessary.
Save important e-mail messages and copy them to CD.

The Department of Information Technology also encourages members of the campus community to take steps to remain informed on the progress of the migration project. Training sessions will be offered on CD back-up, Exchange/Outlook, and the new file system over the next few months. In addition, pertinent information will be published on the Information Technology website, as well as in TechNotes, Faculty Digest, and Ennouncements. A discussion thread also is available on the Intranet to provide a forum for questions and discussions among the community of users.
For further information or answers to your questions, please use the discussion thread on the Information Technology website, attend a lunchbox session, or call the HelpDesk at ext. 4357.

To read more about the migration project, please visit the Information Technology website at

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