Mount Union College Faculty Research Forum Held April 3

April 15, 2010

Chapman Hall was filled on April 3 for the sixteenth installment of the Faculty Research Forum. Every semester for the past eight years, Dr. Santosh Saha, associate professor of history, has put together an evening for three faculty members to share their research with other members of the Mount Union College community.


This year, Dr. Ann M. Ritchey, assistant professor of mathematics, presented "The Mathematics of Unit Origami." Unit origami, she said, is different from traditional origami because it manipulates many sheets of paper of the same size as opposed to only one. She demonstrated how to use mathematics to figure out how to make a six-sided box using three sheets of paper. Using action figures in place of her hands, she presented a slide show on how to make the box and how to find the correct angles for the folds.

David Torbett, visiting instructor of philosophy and religious studies, discussed "Horace Bushnell: The Father of American Religious Liberalism on Slavery and Race." Torbett discussed the ideas of Bushnell, a 19th century pastor, who did not try to convert others to Christianity or convince his followers that they were sinners, something that Torbett said was rare. He also spoke about Bushnell's negative view of slavery.

Richard Stanislaw, instructor of political science, used an excerpt of his doctoral dissertation to speak about "Virginia Woolf and Mahatma Ghandi on the Promotion of Peace." He argues that Woolf "should be taken seriously as a political thinker" and that Gandhi has only recently been taken seriously. He compared the two by noting that they were both outsiders in their culture and they both turned to nonviolent responses to conflict.

Michael Olin-Hitt, interim vice president of academic affairs and dean of the College made concluding remarks.

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