April 15, 2010

ALLIANCE, Ohio - Several students received awards or prizes at Mount Union College's Annual Senior Recognition and Honors Convocation in the Mount Union Theatre Thursday, April 26.

In addition to the presentation of awards, senior class president Heather Lewis of Louisville announced the senior class gift, a gazebo which will be located by the College Lakes. Lewis also presented the senior class gavel to newly-elected president of the class of 2002, Krista Davis of Dover.
The following Mount Union students received awards or prizes


The Black Student Union Service Award


Kimberly A. Goodall


The Arthur Dimit Prize


Jessica N. Baughman


The Doyle-Montagno prize


Sherylynn Chapman


The International Student Community Service Award


Naho Omae


Keiko Tozawa


The Chris Schuh Award


Donte Rhodes


The Dean Taylor Leadership Prize


Vy P. Lam


The Tomsich Outstanding Junior or Senior Prize in Natural Science, Mathematics and Computer Science


Beth A. Bachofsky


The Laurie Kolenbrander Public Service Award


Christina H. Fitzpatrick


The Dean's Purchase Awards in Art


Alicia M. Mason


Jon V. Neal


Kara M. Stevic


Audrey E. Wells


The Mary Evelyn Cook Weber Prize


Danielle Cammuso


The Fred J. Haupt Senior Prize


Matthew P. LaVerde


The Marguerite "Peg" Lynn Freshman Prize


Shaun A. Spisak


The Joseph Montgomery Leadership Prize


Nick Cook


The Corl James Zimmerman Award


Keri J. Canning


The Brugger Pre-Med Award


Amy Glew


The Phi Sigma Award


Beth A. Bachofsky


Sara B. Mellinger


The Shumaker Physiology Prize


Justin W. Walley


The Alumni Chemistry Award


David R. Benson


Gina DeVault


The Bertha H. Tsai Award


Aik Teong Ooi


The Robert I. Brainard, Jr. Communications Award


Kimberly J. Goodall


The Cynthia L. Hepler Radio Award


Celeste M. Adduci


Jill C. Swansegar


Krahling Journalism Award


Rebecca J. Purdum


The Alumni Computer Science & Information Systems Prize


John S. Muirhead-Gould


Danielle A. Gram


The Robert E. Hillier Family Scholarship


Alana Bowers


Melinda A. Johnston


The Robert L. & Flora Curtis Kniveton Accounting Prize


James M. Carman, Jr.


The Senior Award in the Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration


Conor A. Darah


Charles D. Moore


Benjamin A. Papay


The David Ellis Shively Sophomore Award


Carrie Butler


Adam J. Starr


The Wall Street Journal Award


Benjamin A. Papay


The Amelia Alexander Dillow Prize


Jordan E. Hartung


The Ethel Mellinger Award in Elementary Education


Nichole L. Bereschik


The Secondary Education Award


Elizabeth A. Place


The Calliope Award in Art


Danielle Cammuso


The Calliope Award in Drama


Amanda J. Myers


The Calliope Award in Essay


Megan C. Dooling


The Calliope Award in Poetry


Jennifer M. Rose


The Calliope Award in Fiction


Jennifer M. Rose


The Eric A. & Mary W. Eckler English Prize


Aimee D. Hudok


The William H. McMaster, Jr. Senior English Prize


Heather B. Adams


The Stephan Family Prize for Writing


Jennifer M. Rose


The Dr. Vasile and Georgia Calesi French Prize


Katy S. Boyce


The Dr. Vasile and Georgia Calesi Spanish Prize


Brianne M. Kagarise


The Departmental Prize in German


Aaron Boley


The Departmental Prize in Japanese


Elizabeth Anne Bender


Mary Frost French Prize


Cameron J. Camp, IV


Rufus Ruth Romance Language Prize


Elissa Good


The Geology Award


Beau R. Brillhart


The Glenn E. Scott Prize in Paleontology


Sarah R. Westbrooks


The Richard L. and Connie VanderMeulen Doyle Prize


Joseph G. Metcalf


The Fishel History Prize


Jason W. Reith


The Judge Phillips Pre-Law Prize


Brooke T. Anderson


The Political Science Award


Jamie L. McMillen


The Wilbur & Burdella Stuckey Carl Mathemetics Prize


Steven W. Banks


Lindsay M. Dimon


Peter J. Dudek


Gina M. Grisola


Brian D. Keller


The Ullman Mathematics Prize


Matthew P. LaVerde


Elizabeth A. Place


The Lucile Brown Ketcham Prize


Erica D. Williamson


The Music Faculty Award


Erica D. Williamson


The Cecil T. Stewart Award


Amy L. Bush


The Teeple-Krohn Prize


Brianne M. Kagarise


Sophomore Choral Award


Rebecca J. Griffith


The Daniel Kibler, M.D. Prize


Melissa A. Sulin


The Physical Education and Health Prize


Garold L. Smeck, Jr.


The Gordon L. Wable Memorial Prize


Garold L. Smeck, Jr.


The Charles and Ilene Hart Prize in Physics


Charles B. Cerniglia


The Kitzmiller Psychology Prize


John M. Simpson


The Shea Zellweger Psychology Service Award


Deidre B. Philpott


The American Bible Society Award


Penelope J. Beachy


The Oscar W. & Viola H. Dunn Bible Prize


Ryan M. Collins


The William H. Porter, Jr. Sociology Award


Christina H. Fitzpatrick


The George L. & Margaret Wagner King Prize for the Performing Arts


Lara L. Hanson


The Mount Union Players' Hall of Fame Award


Eric A. Huss



Two additional groups of students also were recognized: those who were recently inducted into Psi Kappa Omega, the all-college academic honor society, and those students who have completed or are currently involved in either general, liberal studies or major-related honors projects during the 2000-01 academic year and are receiving Academic Honors.
Also, the recipient of Mount Union College's annual Great Teacher Award, Dr. Rebecca Stevens, assistant professor of sociology, was announced at the Honors Convocation.

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