Mount Union College Holds Intercollegiate Student Debate

April 15, 2010

On Wednesday, April 12, Mount Union College hosted a student debate. The topic discussed was 'given the political tension in the world, unilateral foreign policy is harmful and immoral.'

Those who argued for the topic were senior political science major John Highman; senior communication studies major Leland Spencer; senior history major Gregory Reichart and freshman international studies major Thomas Krumel.

'Unilateral foreign policy is detrimental to human welfare and promotes nuclear weapons,' said Spencer. 'It causes distrust of the United States and forces a stereotype on the United States.'

Those debating against the topic included Walsh University's Katelin Seivertson; Ashland University students Clint Leibolt and Jamie Kresge and Mount Union College senior political science major Alexander Darr.

'We need to go in and take action to help our soldiers; unilateral foreign policy will help us do that,' Said Kresge. 'All nations act on the best interest for their own country.'

Awards were given to the top three debaters. First went to Spencer, second to Reichart and third to Kresge. All participants received certificates.

Dr. Santosh Saha, professor of history at Mount Union, organized the debate. Dr. John Kirchmeyer, professor of computer science and information systems at Mount Union provided the opening remarks and served as mediator. Dr. Patricia Draves, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College announced the awards and gave the closing remarks.

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