Mount Union College Invites Community Members to Share Stories of Courage

May 25, 2010

What does it mean to display courage?  The answer will be addressed in classrooms across the Mount Union College campus during the second annual Teach-In, to be held January 29-30.

On those days, many faculty members will conduct their classes in a manner that reflects a common, interdisciplinary topic; this year, the topic is “courage.”

Last April, Mount Union held its first Teach-In, which focused on the concept of freedom.  The purposes of the Teach-In are to promote the intellectual atmosphere of Mount Union College, bolster the strength of our academic community, support shared discussion among students and faculty and allow faculty creativity to abound.

Mount Union’s Cross-Curricular Development Committee first discussed the idea of a “Teach-In” in 2005, when the University of Michigan was celebrating the 40-year anniversary of its first teach-in. In 1965, about 2,500 University of Michigan faculty members and students joined this innovative, peaceful demonstration against the conflict in Vietnam.

As part of the Teach-In, community members are invited to share their stories of courage at a convocation to be held Tuesday, January 29 at 10:30 a.m. in the Mount Union Theatre. Contact Theresa Davis, instructor of history at (330) 823-3153 or if you are interested in sharing your own personal story of courage with the Mount Union campus community.

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