Mount Union College Launches Upgraded Website

June 01, 2010

Mount Union College is launching its upgraded website Friday evening September 13, according to Harry Paidas, vice president for public affairs and marketing at the College.


''The upgraded site features a number of enhancements that will allow for greater flexibility and be more user-friendly than the previous site.
''The launch is expected to be fairly painless but any time there is change there is liable to be confusion," Paidas said. '"We know the website will not be perfect at the launch so we encourage feedback be directed to our web manager Ken Colwell at"
''According to Paidas, to get ready for the launch required tedious behind-the-scenes work this summer, four weeks of testing and feedback, excellent suggestions from across the campus, and a faculty/staff forum. "Even with all the planning and behind-the scenes work, we anticipate that this will be a dynamic, ever-changing site, and the format will give us amazing flexibility resulting in frequent updates, promotions and features," Paidas said.
''Colwell listed some of the advantages of the upgraded site:
The upgraded site: '

  • is built upon a database system which allows greater flexibility
  • has an intranet feature available only to the campus
  • is more user-friendly
  • is consistent in design, look and navigation
  • has added technical navigational features


The value added for the upgraded site includes:

  • search engine
  • ease of use for navigation and maintenance
  • better interactivity including polls, forums and feedback forms
  • data analysis including specificity about hits
  • flexibility
  • consolidation of web-related tools
  • support for the strategic plan and integrated marketing objectives


Paidas said the campus community will continue to have input as the site evolves. He said Colwell will be meeting frequently with ITFAB (Information Technology Faculty Advisory Board) and occasionally with faculty chairs. 'Moreover, the dormant Web Policy Board will be reactivated with student representation.
"We look forward to hearing from our various publics in an effort to continue to tell the Mount Union story in the best way possible," Paidas said.

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