Mount Union College Presents Dr. Alvin Poussaint as McKinley Lecture Speaker

April 22, 2010

Dr. Alvin Poussaint will be speaking at Mount Union College on Thursday, February 21 at 10:35 a.m. in Presser Recital Hall through the William McKinley Visiting Scholar Program.

Dr. Poussaint is director of the media center of the Judge Baker Children's Center in Boston and professor of psychiatry and faculty associate dean for student affairs at Harvard Medical School. Born in East Harlem, he received his medical degree from Cornell University and received his psychiatric training at the University of California, Los Angeles and earned a master's degree in research and methodology. From 1965-67, he was southern field director of the Medical Committee for Human Rights in Jackson, Mississippi, providing medical care to civil rights workers and aiding in desegregation of hospital and health facilities throughout the South.

Dr. Poussaint has served as director of the psychiatric program for a low-income housing project for Tufts Medical School and he joined Harvard Medical School in 1969. He sits on the board of Harvard's AIDS Institute.

Dr. Poussaint is the author of dozens of articles and has recently co-authored, with Amy Alexander, "Lay My burden Down: Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African-Americans." He served as an educational consultant to the program, "Little Bill" for Nickelodeon. In addition, he has received numerous awards and is the recipient of many honorary degrees.

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