Mount Union College Receives Service-Learning Grant from Campus Connects

February 26, 2008

grantpic-webMount Union College’s Department of Service-Learning and Community Service recently received a three year grant totaling $45,000 from Campus Connects.

Amanda Espenschied-Reilly, director of Service-Learning and Community Service, said, “This is a phenomenal project and Mount Union is one of just a few schools that had the full four classes funded (you could apply for up to four).  The money will be doing double duty.  First, it will be contributing to a unique educational experience for the students involved and, second, it will then be accomplishing great things in the community.  That was the main reason I wanted to apply for this grant.  It’s feeding two birds with one crust.”

She also said, “I worked very closely with our Office of College Advancement and four faculty members (Mark W. McConnell, Dr. Nancy Pine, Fendrich R. Clark and Dr. Eric Matthews) to develop a strong proposal that not only provides for the incorporation of student philanthropy projects into these four classes, but also provides a plan for how we can sustain this program once the grant funds have been used.”

The classes that awarded the grant money include Pine’s English 240: Business and Technical Writing class; Clark’s Communication 226: Persuasion and Social Movements class; McConnell’s Business Administration 220: Introduction to Marketing class; and Matthew’s Political Science 260: Politics of Public Budgeting class.

Espenschied-Reilly said, “These are classes that already existed, but now we can incorporate philanthropy education into them as well, enriching the learning experience for these students.”

The grant money will also impact Mount Union students.  “The money provides $500 per course for project needs and $4,000 that the students in the course will award to community organizations to fund local projects,” Espenschied-Reilly said.   “The students in each course will be responsible for researching organizations and projects and they will decide which to fund.  By doing this they will learn about community involvement, responsible citizenship and philanthropy.”

Campus Connects, the program through which the grant money was received, is funded by the Roger Grein Foundation.  The grant money was made available to schools belonging to Ohio and Kentucky Campus Compacts.

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