Mount Union College to Host Junior Scholars Program for Local Gifted Students

April 22, 2010

Mount Union College will host the second session of its 2007-2008 Junior Scholars Program on campus Tuesday, November 13. Other sessions will be held on February 6 and April 1.

This is the 22nd year for the Mount Union College Junior Scholars Program, for which approximately 100 gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors and their high school coordinators are invited to campus four times throughout the academic year; twice in the fall and twice in the spring. Half of the scholars have the opportunity to listen to one professor on one day; and the other half the other. At their next visit, they will switch and hear the opposite speaker.

The 11 high schools participating in this year's Junior Scholars Program include Alliance, East Canton, Louisville, Malvern, Marlington, Minerva, North Canton Hoover, Sebring McKinley, St. Thomas Aquinas, Waterloo and West Branch.

The fall sessions will feature Dr. Susan Haddox, assistant professor of religion, who will examine the tension between religion and intellectualism in her presentation 'Religion and the Intellectual' and Dr. Michael Grossman, assistant professor of political science, who will present the concept of democracy and its relation to the United States' foreign policy in his talk 'Why Are We Promoting Democracy?'

The goals of the program are to present ideas not normally included in the high school curriculum, to give high school students an opportunity to meet and interact with other students of similar ability, to expose students to the academic character and intellectual challenge offered on college campuses and to allow students an opportunity for an in depth exploration into a specific interest area.


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