Mount Union College to Offer New Majors in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

May 25, 2010

Mount Union College will begin two four-year engineering programs in the fall of 2010.

Heeding the call from the engineering profession for future engineers to be well-rounded college graduates, the Mount Union College faculty and Board of Trustees recently recommended and endorsed two bachelor of science degree programs in mechanical engineering and civil engineering.

“The establishment of these two engineering majors will have a significant positive impact on the future of Mount Union College,” Dr. Richard Giese, president of Mount Union College, said.  “As we look to implement our curriculum for the future, we are looking for programs that complement an already solid academic foundation.  After careful study and much discussion, which included a nationally known engineering consultant, the faculty unanimously recommended and the Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed moving forward with these initiatives.”

According to Dr. Patricia Draves, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College, engineering professionals are calling for their new colleagues to be able to solve problems globally and increasingly are looking for graduates with well-rounded educations. “There is little doubt that both mechanical and civil engineering are growing in terms of job demand for graduates and student demand for pursuing those degrees,” Draves said.  “We believe, as did our national consultant, that the strong liberal arts tradition at Mount Union can be a strength of the new engineering programs.”

The new programs will place Mount Union among the few private colleges and universities in Ohio that offer the requisite degrees in four years.  According to Draves, in the past, engineering graduates have come primarily from state institutions but Mount Union’s smaller size and strong reputation in math and science as well as its broad-based offerings will be an advantage for its graduates.

Draves said the search for engineering faculty members will begin this summer.  Moreover, the College is working with an architectural firm to design a facility in the academic core of the campus that will house the faculty offices, classrooms and laboratories.

“The establishment of these engineering majors was truly a team effort that involved virtually the entire campus community putting in hundreds of hours of research followed by thorough discussion,” Giese said.  “The result of this complete appraisal is that we can move forward with confidence that we are serving the needs of today’s world while staying true to our mission.”

For more information on the new engineering majors, contact the Office of Admission at or call (800) 334-6682 or (330) 823-2590.

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