Mount Union College Welcomes Class of 2009 to Campus

April 22, 2010

Classes on the Mount Union College campus may not officially begin until Monday, August 29, but 560 new students are unpacking their bags in various residence halls across campus today and familiarizing themselves with the College during 2005 Fall Orientation, which includes a schedule of events expanding the entire weekend.

Mount Union Alumni Council members were on hand to assist the diverse class of new students and their parents with the move and provide refreshments. The 560 new students on campus represent 14 states ' California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia ' and the countries of Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Russia and England. Among the new students from Ohio are those representing more than 48 counties and 215 high schools.

After meeting roommates and unloading cars this morning, students will have the opportunity to meet with the residence life staff members in their buildings and socialize with other new students at a performance by Craig Karges that blends mystery, humor, psychology and intuition. New students can then join for a game of Survival Bingo, which offers a selection of prizes that students need to 'survive' at Mount Union.

On Friday, members of the College administration and faculty will provide information on campus employment and work study and academic programs. The first Liberal Arts Experience (LS 100) class session will be held, providing new students with an opportunity to meet with their academic advisors and others that will be in their class throughout the semester.

Freshmen students already started one 'assignment' over the summer for LS 100 ' the selected summer book reading. This is the sixth year for the summer reading assignment, and the selection this year is Buzz Bissinger's 'Friday Night Lights.'

LS 100 is designed to help new students adjust to college life, learn critical reading and discussion skills and provide them with a faculty of staff members to advise them academically until they declare a major and are assigned an advisor within that academic department.

The Class of 2009 will take part in the annual Matriculation Convocation on Friday, followed by a dinner with the faculty. The Matriculation Convocation is a tradition where the faculty and freshman students usher in the academic year. Students have the opportunity to sign the Matriculation Book, which remains in the care if the Office of the President until graduation. At that time, it is placed on display in the Bookstore for students to see.

Saturday and Sunday, new students will be led through a variety of activities, informational meetings and recreational events by members of the Preview and Orientation staff that will further acclimate them to campus in preparation for the beginning of the 2005-2006 Academic Year. In addition, a 'Week of Welcome' will take place during the first week of classes, offering various activities on campus sponsored by the Student Activities Council.

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