Mount Union Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Praised for Growth

June 13, 2017

ALLIANCE, Ohio – The University of Mount Union Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recently received continued program approval from the American Chemical Society (ACS) and was praised for its “outstanding chemistry program.”

Mount Union’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers rigorous, in-depth courses in inorganic, organic, analytical and physical chemistry. The curriculum also focuses on hands-on laboratory experiences and research opportunities. Students studying chemistry or biochemistry at Mount Union are trained in both wet chemical and instrumental analysis techniques and learn important problem solving tactics.

“I’ve gotten the chance to intern in the Health Coach program at Alliance Community Hospital,” said Thomas Mason ’18, a biochemistry major of Alliance, Ohio. “This has allowed me to shadow several different types of healthcare professionals and work in primary care...Additionally, I have had numerous research and laboratory experiences here at Mount that have enhanced my learning.”

The chemistry and biochemistry programs at Mount Union are also grounded in the liberal arts, allowing students to receive an in-depth education within the fields of chemistry and biochemistry, but also a holistic, well-rounded one as well.

As current biochemistry student Kate Gonczy ’18 of Strongsville, Ohio said, “Combining a liberal arts education with professional preparation makes you both a well-rounded student, and applicant, to grad-schools. Taking classes outside of your major shows future employers and schools that you care about your education as a whole and that you’re not just checking pre-requisites off of a list.”

In addition to the outstanding program, the ACS also praised the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for the growth its department and programs have facilitated. Specifically, the department was commended for “the significant number of new faculty positions, the acquisition of additional modern facilities, and the strong array of contemporary instrumentation” as well as the increased faculty gender diversity, the percentage of department graduates pursuing advanced graduate study degrees, strong student research reports and the “commitment of the entire department to program self-evaluation.”

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