Mount Union ENT Students Learn from Evania

April 17, 2017

ALLIANCE - The University of Mount Union entrepreneurship program has welcomed monthly speakers to inform students about the field of entrepreneurship from multiple perspectives, with financial support from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. 

On Monday April 10, Zipporah Evania, a financial adviser at Northwestern Mutual, spoke to several students about her unconventional career path in entrepreneurship. 

As a music theory graduate, business was not her first choice in careers. After three years in Japan, where she started a successful bakery business and taught English, Evania returned to United States and found an interest in finance and investment from earlier on in her life. Today, she is still with her first employer, Northwestern Mutual, but in every way she is her own entity.

“I really had a strong tie with how she [Evania] spoke about her past with music. Being a music major myself, I found it very relatable to hear how she came about in the career she is in today,” said Jeffrey Williams ‘17, a music major from Cleveland, Ohio. He summarized the speaker as “not only very relatable and personable, but just a fun person to hear speak about her life and past with traveling.” 

As the lecture series continues, Monday, April 17, Heather Ciranna, local entrepreneur and owner of Corner Cup Coffeehouse, will be hosting a talk on how to make a business dream into a reality and that no matter what age you are, you are never too young to start thinking of a business idea.

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