Mount Union Entrepreneurs Form Bumble Media

November 05, 2013

Wade Clark and Josh Clemence  While most students involve themselves in clubs and organizations, two Mount Union students dedicated themselves to an extracurricular activity that is a little more demanding. Wade Clark ’15, a management major of Fairview Park, Ohio, and recent graduate Josh Clemence ’14, a marketing major of Akron, Ohio, started a small business, Bumble Media.

They were first inspired to start their own business after making a video for Mount Union’s American Marketing Association to promote organ donation. They didn’t have any video experience prior to this project, but after two days of self-education, they realized that they enjoyed videography and its application to marketing.

Their interest grew, and after Clemence enrolled in Entrepreneurship Capstone (ENT 350), the idea of creating a business began to gain momentum. Shortly thereafter, a grant was acquired from the Donald and Alice Noble Foundation with assistance from Foundation Trustee Steve Matthew ’83 to assist students who were looking to advance their entrepreneurial ideas during the summer.

“The entrepreneurship program is the reason why Bumble Media got started,” said Clark. “It sparked a fire in Josh and gave him the drive to want to start his own business. He then brought me along to pursue this business. Without the classes, this would have been impossible. Also, we applied for a grant that awarded us $2,500 to help cover the expenses of starting a business in the state of Ohio.”

The grant helped their dreams become a reality as it was used to formally set up a business and purchase additional video equipment and editing software. Bumble Media then expanded to include a third team member – Andrew Ancona, a senior architecture major at Kent State University. Clemence said the name Bumble Media describes their personalities perfectly: energetic and fun.

Clark, Ancona and Clemence bring very different skills and traits to the table. According to Clemence, their differences fuel their success.

“If you can find a team with diversity of mind, you can do almost anything,” said Clemence. “We don’t have specific titles, but we balance each other. Wade is organized and rational, so he manages our workflow and keeps us on task. I work a little more on the creative side, and am constantly looking for new projects. Andrew has this design mind that just blows me away. He’s an architecture student, so he’s trained to see things differently. Whenever we try to complicate ideas, he always presents simple and elegant solutions to reel us back in. The nice thing is that outside of that we are all cross-trained so we can change roles very easily. It keeps us flexible.”

The team’s variety of skills have contributed to success in the development of their business. Since the birth of Bumble Media, they have learned even more about video production and running a small business.

“When we first started, we were very inexperienced in producing video and running a business, but after a year of being in business, we have learned how to run a small business more efficiently,” said Clark. “We now have more experience and much better equipment for video production. Our future plans are to keep growing the business over this next year, and if we are making enough profit and have enough projects going into next summer, then we will pursue it full time.”

To view samples of Bumble Media’s work, visit:

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