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Mount Union Entrepreneurs Form Bumble Media

November 5, 2013

Wade Clark and Josh Clemence  When one pictures a college student, one would typically think of a young adult trying to manage their time between classes, extracurricular activities and social gatherings. Wade Clark ’15 and Josh Clemence ’14 fit that mold, but they have one extra activity to add to their day: running their own business.

Clark, a management major of Fairview Park, OH, and Clemence, a marketing major of Akron, OH, were inspired to start their own business after making a video for Mount Union’s American Marketing Association promoting organ donation. They didn’t have any video experience until this project, but after two days of self-education, they realized they enjoyed videography and its application to marketing.

“We both had some extra time on our hands, so we decided to give it our best shot and produce another video,” said Clark. “Phil, the owner of anni shades, premium wooden eyewear based out of Alliance, OH, was so excited when he saw the finished product. Clemence and I both knew from that point on that we could turn this into something more than just a little project here and there.”

The idea of building a business came to fruition last spring while Clemence was enrolled in ENT 350 – Entrepreneurship Capstone. Shortly thereafter, a grant was acquired from the Donald and Alice Noble Foundation with assistance from Foundation Trustee Steve Matthew ’83 to assist students who were looking to advance their entrepreneurial ideas during the summer. Matthew has been a guest speaker in Mount Union’s entrepreneurship classes and has served as a judge for the University’s Raider Tank competition. Out of a group of proposals, Mike Kachilla, assistant professor of management and director of entrepreneurship studies, and Matt Stinson, director of advancement for major gifts and administrative director of entrepreneurship studies, selected Clark and Clemence as the grant recipients. They used this money to formally set up a business, acquire a lawyer and purchase editing software and video equipment.

In 2013 they decided to officially form their own business, which is when Bumble Media was born. The grant helped their dreams become a reality as it was used to formally set up a business, and purchase additional video equipment and editing software. Clemence said the name describes their personality perfectly: energetic and fun.

Over the year, Bumble Media has produced videos for a variety of clients including United Towing, Lewis Mulch Service, Costic Racing, University of Mount Union and Jack Morton Northeast. But, due to the demand they are receiving, Bumble Media has expanded to include a third team member – Andrew Ancona, a senior architecture major from Kent State University.

“If you can find a team with diversity of mind, you can do almost anything,” said Clemence. “We don't have specific titles, but we balance each other. Wade is very organized and rational, so he manages our workflow and keeps us on task. Without Wade, I'd be all over the place. I work a little more on the creative side, and am constantly looking for new projects. Andrew has this design mind that just blows me away. He's an architecture student, so he's trained to see things differently. Whenever we try to complicate ideas, he always presents simple and elegant solutions to reel us back in. The nice thing is that outside of that we all are cross trained so we can change roles very easily. It keeps us flexible.”

The team not only likes collaborating with each other, they also enjoy meeting and working with clients.

“I love working with passionate people,” said Clemence. “All of our clients love what they do. It never feels like work when you're with passionate people.”

Clark agrees.

“I love getting to work with a large variety of people who I might have never had the chance to meet if I didn’t have a camera in my hand,” said Clark. “We’ve had the opportunity to meet people like Stark County Auditor Alan Harold and many people in the Alliance community who have helped us grow as a company.”

It’s only the beginning for Bumble Media, and the future looks bright.

“We'd really like to become a complete creative agency,” said Clemence. “Right now we're limited to video production because of school and because Andrew is at Kent. But once we graduate, we hope to really dive in to the full spectrum of creative advertising including digital design, animation, video and photography. I see us staying in Alliance, but picking up clients all over the east coast.” 

The three-person team is continuously evolving and looking for new ways to advance. In fact, Clark said they are working on a new business model, which would allow them to make videos and continue to make money off of them after they are published. This idea was presented at last week’s campus-wide Raider Tank competition where they clinched first place. They will represent Mount Union at a regional competition hosted in the spring by the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC). The EEC is comprised of 11 higher education institutions that provide practical experiential and theoretical education to students in Northeast Ohio to prepare them to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

To view samples of Bumble Media’s work, visit:

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