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Mount Union deeply appreciates the loyal support that donors provide each fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  All gifts, no matter how large or small make a difference.  The many levels of giving are recognized through membership in one of the following gift clubs:

Special Gift Club

1846 Society
The 1846 Society remains the most prestigious annual giving recognition society with over 300 members. Recently, the 1846 Society has gone through changes to encourage strong and growing support each year.  During the 2009-10 fiscal year, the Society welcomed donors with annual gifts of $1,250 or more each year.  The Society continues to encourage strong support by welcoming donors during the 2010-11 fiscal year with gifts of $1,500 or more.

Sit Lux Club
– ($25,000 and above) Named after the motto which adorns the College's seal, this gift club recognizes those who have the dedication and vision to help make a Mount Union education the best possible for every student.

Eckler Club
- ($15,000-$24,999) Named after the beloved Eric and Mary Eckler , professors of English beginning in the 1920’s who became a ‘way of life’ on campus for many students.  Known for their dedication and love for Mount Union and its students, “Mom” and “Pop” Eckler became campus icons.  Members of this society truly show many of the same characteristics of the Eckler’s…dedication and love for Mount Union and its students.

Chapman Club
– ($10,000-$14,999) The Chapman Club honors Ira Oscar Chapman, professor of mathematics who taught chemistry, physics and mathematics for nearly three decades during the early years of the College. Chapman Hall is also named in his honor.

Clarke Club
– ($5,000-$9,999) This club pays tribute to the endeavors of George Washington Clarke who helped form the basis for excellence in teaching at Mount Union. He taught for 44 years as a professor of astronomy, zoology and botany. The Clarke Observatory is also named in his honor.


Founders’ Club – ($2,500-$4,999) While Orville Nelson Hartshorn is recognized as the founder of the College, several people had a hand in establishing the "select school" during the mid-nineteenth century. The Founders' Club pays tribute to those who established the mission of the College.

President’s Club
– ($1,250 - $2,499 ) In a century and a half, only ten people have served as President of the College. From founder Orville Nelson Hartshorn to current president, Dr. W. Richard Merriman, Jr., the University has been fortunate to have excellent leadership. The President's Club has been established in the honor of such exemplary leaders.

Special Gift Clubs


McMaster Club
– ($500-$1,249) Members of the McMaster Society invest between $500 and $999 each year in the Mount Union Fund. The club is named for President W.H. McMaster who served from 1908-1938. Among his priorities as president was endowment giving - a priority that remains in place at Mount Union today.

Ketcham Club
– ($200-$499) Members of the Ketcham Society invest between $200 and $499 each year in the Mount Union Fund. The club is named for Charles Burgess Ketcham, the fifth president of Mount Union. An emphasis during his administration was the church-related College.

Hartshorn Club
– ( $100-$199) Members of the Hartshorn Society invest between $100 and $199 each year in the Mount Union Fund. Orville Nelson Hartshorn founded Mount Union in1846 as a "Select School." Hartshorn served as the College's first president from 1846-1887.


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