Mount Union Honors Staff and Faculty at 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony

May 12, 2017

ALLIANCE, OH– The University of Mount Union celebrated staff and faculty accomplishments, years of service, and retirement at the 2017 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony at the University of Mount Union on Wednesday, May 10 at 3 p.m. The University of Mount Union is incredibly grateful for the time that faculty and staff have spent here and the immense impact they have had on our students and community. 

Those who won awards include Mary Procario and Barbara Lyons, winners of the Outstanding Staff Award, Dan Wessel, winner of the Outstanding Adjunct Award, Susie Saulitis, winner of the Davidson Staff Award, and Michael Olin-Hitt, winner of the Exemplary Teacher Award.

Others recognized were Pat and Jeffrey Draves, both of whom will begin careers at Graceland University in Iowa where Pat Draves has been named 18th president of the university. Those staff who were honored for their service before retiring were Larry Baswell, Deb Rhoads, and Dexter Sams. 

Baswell worked as a carpenter in the maintenance department of Mount Union for his entire 27 years of service, which included building much of the campus furniture. He also worked in the Key Room at Physical Plant, repaired doors and locking systems, and assisted in the design of the new carpentry shop build in Physical Plant. Baswell is a Vietnam Veteran and was active in the community, helping to restore military vehicles.

Rhoads worked as a housekeeper primarily in the Hoover-Price Campus Center for the duration of her 26 years working at Mount Union. She also worked in the Hoiles-Peterson (H-P) and Gallaher residence halls. She loves working around students and spent the last 20 years in H-P as a “surrogate mom”.

Sams worked in the maintenance department for his 26 years of service and was primarily assigned to the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex (MAAC), taking care of all athletic event setups in the building. He assisted with furniture moving every summer to get residence halls and apartments ready for incoming students, and was heavily involved in the renovation of the athletic complex facility in 2009 and was always an avid supporter of Mount Union athletics. 

Those staff and faculty honored for 5 years of service were Nezam Al-Nsair, Jeffrey Buth, Daryl Ely, Joel Evans, Abigail Honaker, Brody Jackson, Lisa Johnson, Kevin Kern, Lori Kumler, Bertrand Landry, Phillip Lascola, Lonnie Lowery, Jennifer Martin, Hans Tritico, Jan Webler, Robert Woodward, Vanessa Worley, Diane Yarnell, Alana Tarry, Nicole Andrews, Tracy Benning, Lynette Buccasso, Aaron Burd, Micah Butler, Anson Gross, Mary Procario, Lori Wukotich, and Cheyanne Blake.

Those staff and faculty honored for 10 years of service were Lenny Cooper, Mandy Geddis-Capel, Heather Hickman, Nicole Johnson, Mark McConnel, Eric Mojock, Ruth Pogacnik, Christine Pontius, Barbara Saulitis, David Thiele, Justin Baum, Catherine Royer, Liana Yoder, John Frazier, and Sara Fugett.

Those staff and faculty honored for 15 years of service were Michael Greiner, Crystal Johnson, Patricia Kuhn, Walter Antram, Beverly Haberland, Jill Hissom, Carla McMillen, and Karen Ruthrauff.

Those staff and faculty honored for 20 years of service were Elaine Anderson, James Kadlecek, Linda Scott, Paul Tidman, Diana Bondoni, and Jean Capel.

Those staff and faculty honored for 25 years of service were Jamie Capuzza, Steven Cederbloom, and Harry Rees.

The member of staff honored for 30 years of service was Jeffrey Wojtowicz. 

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