Mount Union Hosts Kappa Phi Club's National Council of Chapters

April 27, 2010

The Kappa Phi Club, a club for Christian university women focusing on the four areas of service, worship, fellowship, and study, is holding their National Council of Chapters at Mount Union College on June 16-21, 2007.

Meeting once every two years, the council is similar to a convention or a conference where members of active and alumnae chapters, as well as Life Members and Members-at-Large, come together to exchange ideas, plan for the future of Kappa Phi, and enjoy the fellowship of sisters from across the country.

A variety of events takes place during the week of the Council. Programming is usually centered on the National Program theme for the coming year and is presented through many activities. Workshops covering a number of topics take place, as well as meetings for handling affairs of the organization. Services are held daily, and the week concludes with a banquet and installation of new officers.

Included in the officer transition are Alumni of Mount Union College, the current National Sponsor Dianne (Plaskett '78) McKenzie and Jean Chirpas ('71). McKenzie will be passing the position of National Sponsor to Chirpas at the conclusion of the week.

Part of the National Executive Board, the position of National Sponsor is the highest national office of Kappa Phi and therefore serves an eight year term. This is the first time in history that preceding and incoming National Sponsors have graduated from the same college.

Working in this position since 1999, McKenzie states in 'The Candle Beam,' the national publication of the organization, that 'there is no way to estimate the number of women who have been touched by an organization that began as a small group of women gathered to study God's word.'

Chirpas has acted as an 'Associate' Sponsor for the last two years. When she takes on her new office in the summer, traveling around the nation, visiting and working with different campus chapters, and overseeing the rest of the National Executive Board will be included on her list of duties. Excited to begin in the position, Chirpas stated, 'I am ready to serve.'

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