Mount Union Presents Green Raider Awards

June 17, 2015

The University of Mount Union’s Sustainability Management Advisory Committee held its annual Green Raider Awards recently. During the ceremony, the committee announced its fourth group of award winners.

Awards were given to a faculty member, a staff member and a student who enhance sustainability on campus. These individuals showcase a strong awareness of living green through their dedication to promoting the principles of social, financial and environmental responsibility both to the University and the Alliance community. This year, the committee also gave one additional award, the Green Raider Sapling Award, to be presented toward a student who displayed a strong passion and promising contributions toward the committee. This year’s recipients were faculty member Dr. Chuck McClaugherty, professor of biology; staff member Abby Honaker, assistant director, Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement; student Hayley Buzulencia, senior environmental science and biology major and the late Matthew Popovich.

Since the summer of 1988, McClaugherty has been teaching on campus, where he immediately began placing high importance on sustainability.

“Without Chuck McClaugherty, there might not have been a movement toward sustainability at Mount Union,” said McClaugherty’s nominator.

In 1994, McClaugherty was named Great Teacher and in 2007 he was the recipient of Alliance’s Citizen of the Year and was recognized by the Environmental Education Council of Ohio. He is also the director of Mount Union’s Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center since its founding.

“To say that Chuck has made a mark at Mount in the area of sustainability is certainly understanding the facts,” his nominate wrote.

Honaker hosts the Mount Union Trash to Treasure sale each spring. While students are moving out, she has a team collect items they no longer want and then sell them at a garage sale from which all profits go to the Pay It Forward Program.

“Abby stands out as someone who not only engages others with her energy and positive attitude, but who represents the idea of sustainability with every breath,” her nominator said. “Her understanding of the concept and implantation of the practices in all of her activaties is an asset to the sustainability cause and to the University.”

Being a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a Regula Scholar and the cross country and track teams at Mount Union, Buzulencia lives a busy life, but she is never too busy to live green by using the campus refill stations to stay hydrated throughout the day.

“Hayley Buzulencia is well known among her colleagues as being a fantastic runner and she is well known among students as a fantastic student and she is well respected among the Green Raiders; being one who gets the job done and has a lot to say,” her nominator wrote.

A special award was given this year to Matt Popovich, who died suddenly this spring. Popovich was a freshman nursing major and a member of the University’s Sustainability Management Advisory Committee.

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