Mount Union Providing Awareness on Social Hosting

January 25, 2013

ALLIANCE, Ohio — Drug-Free Action Alliance is launching a campaign on college campuses across Ohio to educate students about social hosting laws. The campaign, “BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party’s Over,” shares the consequences of serving to persons underage and encourages students to protect themselves and their peers.

The Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education at the University of Mount Union is working with the Drug Free Action Alliance to provide awareness to students and the community about social hosting laws.

Under Ohio law, anyone 21 or older who allows an underage person to drink or possess alcohol on their property is subject to hefty fines and even jail time. Serving to underage persons also opens the door for potential lawsuits. Plus, all alcohol, money or property associated with the offense can be immediately confiscated.

The BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party’s Over campaign asks students to consider how tonight’s party may impact their time in college and their future endeavors. The campaign attempts to dispel the myths and share the facts about serving to those who are underage, including academic problems, unsafe sex, sexual abuse, injury and death.

If that’s not motivation enough, BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party’s Over paints the not-so-pretty, but realistic, “party picture” of property being damaged or destroyed, neighbors calling the police and the host being charged for violating the law.

The campaign educates students on ways to protect themselves and their fellow students with tips like refusing to supply alcohol to anyone under 21, making sure alcohol is not in the possession of an underage person while on their property and reporting underage drinking to law enforcement.

BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party’s Over is an initiative of Drug-Free Action Alliance, a non-profit organization that provides leadership to promote safe and drug-free communities throughout Ohio. For more information visit

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