Mount Union Receives Grant For Community Service

April 27, 2010

Mount Union College has been awarded the Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar Fellowship through the Office of Service-Learning and Community Service.


The grant will provide $1,000 tuition scholarships to seven incoming freshmen that have completed 300 hours of community service work during their first year.

'It's brand new and an exciting program that has been proven successful on other campuses,' said Jennifer Broome, director of service-learning and community service at Mount Union.' 'It offers students an opportunity to be involved in the community.'

Through this grant, the College hopes to model a peer group of community-minded, civically-engaged students.'

'The students will go through as a cohort,' said Broome.' 'The hope is that they will build a sense of community and rely on one another.' They will do programs together, but also on their own to develop skills not only as a team but also as individuals.'

Citizen-Scholar Fellows will be encouraged to create their own community service projects and will most likely be paired with a community partner.' They will be trained by the director of service-learning and community service to interview representatives of community partner organizations to help them to identify their needs that can be addressed by student volunteers.

'We hope to see students become leaders of social justice on campus and within the community,' said Broome.' 'The goal is that overtime, other students will become involved.' The program is a great opportunity to affect a positive change in the community through various service projects.'

For more information on this program, contact Broome at (330) 829-8168.

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