Mount Union?s Dr. Jim Perone Participates in Annual Reliability Run

April 27, 2010

Dr. James Perone, professor of music and chair of the Department of Music at Mount Union College, and his wife Karen, serving as the navigator, participated in America's British Reliability Run for the second year in a row, benefiting children with diabetes.


On October 14, the Perones set out for the 'run' in their 1973 Green Mini-Cooper. Because of the checker-board roof, the team was named 'Team Cheques,' with checks being spelled with the British spelling.

America's British Reliability Run was created by Blake Discher who is from the Detroit area and is sponsored by several corporate sponsors. Along with the corporate sponsors, each car in the race gets pledges from various people and each car's goal is to earn $500.

The money that is raised goes to a different childrens charity every year and this year it went to Camp Ho Mita Koda, a project of the Greater Cleveland Diabetes Association. According to American's British Reliability Run ( 'Camp Ho Mita Koda's mission is to enable children to live well with diabetes through an enjoyable camp experience.'

So far the run has raised $23,032 but all of the money has not come in yet and Discher expects to raise about $25,000. To date, the Perone team has raised about $710, but Perone says that he still has money coming in, too.

There were around 30 driving teams, and there were many different Triumphs, Mini-Coopers and MGs. Perone said that the coolest car was a 2007 Lotus.

'A few of the cars had minor mechanical problems including one car that had a heater valve problem,' said Perone. 'One of the other drivers came to the rescue with a spare part and the problem was fixed. All of the cars that started the race ended up finishing.'

The run, which covered about 700 miles, started in Massillon, Ohio and went into West Virginia and then on the second day came back through Eastern Kentucky. Perone says that this year there 'was better scenery than last year' which consisted of driving through Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. He also said that this year it was not as flat, which required more down-shifting and skillful driving.

After hearing about the run from a friend that participated two years ago, the Perones participated last year but they drove their 2002 yellow Mini-Cooper. This year they decided to take the 1973 mini.

'We had more fun with the old mini,' said Perone.

They plan to participate in the years to come.

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