Mount Union?s LeighAnn Rodd Interns with The Daily Show

April 27, 2010

LeighAnn Rodd, who graduated with summa cum laude honors on May 6, spent her last semester experiencing life in the Big Apple.

When searching for an internship, Rodd knew that she wanted to be in New York City doing something relevant to her education and learning something new. She knew that she wanted to apply to The Daily Show, but also applied to a few other organizations.

Rodd researched internships on her own and was looking for something unconventional and enjoyable. She applied to The Daily Show on a whim and did not expect them to contact her because she is not a communications or media studies major or minor. 'I've always been a fan, and thought it would be a great fit because of the show's heavy emphasis on political satire,' said Rodd.

Rodd, a political science major from Perry, started her internship with The Daily Show on January 8 and worked as a general productions intern until May 24. 'We were assigned to a different department each day we worked, so depending on the day I was logging tapes from a field shoot, running around the city to find props, or seating audience members in the studio. We are expected to do clerical tasks such as answering phone calls and emails, but were also asked to assist with field pieces, occasionally as on-air extras,' Rodd said. She was at the studio four days a week and worked 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

She also attended meetings with the correspondents where decisions about what worked and what needed to be cut were made. 'It was fascinating to observe the show's creative minds at work, and to know just how many hours of work went into the completion of a piece that lasted only a few minutes on air,' said Rodd.

Rodd has gained many skills and much knowledge about New York City through this internship. She has learned many administrative skills and worked in a setting with many different people and personalities. Rodd loved living in New York City and had to quickly familiarize herself with the subway, cab system and challenging situations. 'New York City is unlike anywhere else in the world, so you have to be open-minded and willing to adapt to your surroundings,' she said.

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