Mount Union Staff Member Publishes Book

February 25, 2014

ALLIANCE, Ohio — University of Mount Union Director of Assessment and Program Development Fang Du of Alliance, OH, recently published her first book written in English, “Self-Authorship as a Learning Outcome of Study Abroad.”

Self-authorship is a holistic developmental framework that measures the students’ cognitive development, relationships with others and their views about themselves and their core belief systems. 

In the study that Du conducted, undergraduate students were first given web-administered surveys, and then interviewed for more details about students’ experiences while studying abroad. The goal was to examine self-authorship as a result of studying in a foreign country. After analyzing the data, Du found that “study abroad can help some students move farther in their self-authorship development at all phases.”

After interviewing the participants, she discovered which elements of study-abroad programs are beneficial and detrimental to students’ cognitive development, interpersonal relationships and development of personal values.

Du’s interest in learning and study abroad combined to spark the idea for this study. This book brings her passion for study-abroad and her main research interest, “the learning process,” together.

“I am just happy that my ideas and my research findings are available to interested audiences in the U.S. and Europe now,” Du said.

This book, which took about four years from start to finish, is her third published book. However, it is her first book written in English. A native of China, Du has published two other books which are written in Chinese. This will not be her last book however. A book chapter written by Du will be published in 2014 in collaboration with a professor at Cleveland State.

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