Mount Union Student Creates Custom Web Design

April 24, 2012

ALLIANCE, Ohio — University of Mount Union student Leann May, a senior media computing major from East Liverpool, OH, presented a custom web design project during the University’s fifth annual SCHOLAR Day event on Tuesday, April 17.

May’s project was sponsored by Louise Moses, professor of computer science and information systems and director of the media computing program.

For her project, May used Adobe Flash Catalyst, a program she’d never used, to create an interactive website for mock company “Five Hole Wholesale.” May created the site both in Catalyst and in Adobe Dreamweaver, a program she is familiar with. During her presentation, May reported on the comparisons she made between Catalyst and Dreamweaver.

After creating both sites, May concluded that the site made with Catalyst was more complex than the one made with Dreamweaver and that Catalyst was more difficult to use.

“Overall, Dreamweaver is a much better program,” May said. “It allowed for faster page design and an ability to change layout designs to fit almost every browser.”

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