Mount Union Student Makes The O?Reilly Factor

April 27, 2010

When Conner Brintlinger, freshman political science major at Mount Union College, sent an email to Bill O'Reilly, he didn't expect it to appear on The O'Reilly Factor.

But, that's exactly what happened. Who knew 15 minutes of fame could be obtained simply by doing homework?

Brintlinger, who had read O'Reilly's book Culture Warrior, chose to quote the book in a speech he prepared for his public speaking class. He decided to email O'Reilly to tell him he had used the book in his speech and also that his professor Peggy Beck, lecturer of English, liked the speech. According to Brintlinger, Beck also watches the show.

'It is a common perception that all professors lean to the left on the political spectrum,' Brintlinger said. 'This we know is not completely true, but professors on the left outweigh those on the right. He saw the humor in this, and apparently that's one of the reasons he put it on the air.'

'I really felt honored that he commented on my e-mail. I am a devoted follower of Mr. O'Reilly,' Brintlinger said. 'I felt that having Mount Union as my location in the e-mail would bring a little attention to the College, but I also wanted to shine a little light on the students and the faculty that make this school such a great institution.'

'I appreciate that Conner showed enough interest in the class and the activity to write Bill O'Reilly about using his book,' Beck said. 'Students who take that kind of interest in public and political affairs are an invaluable part of my experiences in the classroom and show initiative when they interact with opinion makers, something that bodes well for the future of the country.'

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