Mount Union Students Attend Independent College Day

February 25, 2009

Front row: Callie Zurz, Angelina Gingo, Johanna Ahlman, Alecia Varner, Kristin Reeder, Cassandra Markel Back row: Eric Matthews, Conner Brintlinger, Matt Hrubey, Rachel Phipps, Joshua Donnelly The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (AICUO) welcomed Mount Union students, among 140 other students and advisors from colleges across Ohio for Independent College Day on Tuesday, February 24. 

Mount Union students traveled to the Ohio Statehouse, located in Columbus, where they met with representatives and senators from the college’s district, as well as those from their hometown districts in Ohio.  Students were given the opportunity to share their opinions with their representatives on legislative issues such as financial cuts on state aid.

Students that participated in Independent College Day include Callie Zurz, junior political science major; Angelina Gingo, senior political science major; Johanna Ahlman, senior political science major; Alecia Varner, senior political science and criminal justice major; Kristin Reeder, sophomore history major; Cassandra Markel, freshman; Conner Brintlinger, junior, political science major; Matt Hrubey, junior political science major; Rachel Phipps, senior political science major; and Joshua Donnelly, senior political science major.  Dr. Eric Matthews, director of the Center for Public Service, also joined the team of students at the event.

Other activities for the day included a tour of the Statehouse, an update on the current political atmosphere in Ohio and various committee meetings.

Organized in 1969, AICUO represents the interests of its 51 members to Ohio’s lawmakers, regulators and citizens.  The program strengthens financial aid programs, promotes the well-being of Ohio higher education and brings forth an understanding of the contributions of Ohio independent colleges and universities.

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