Mount Union Students Debate Relevancy of United Nations

May 05, 2010

Mount Union students recently debated the relevancy of the United Nations Organization in the age of international terrorism that we are living in today.



John Highman, a junior political science major from Canton and a one of the students arguing for the resolution said, 'The United Nations is an irrelevant debating society.' He asked of the audience how comfortable they were with putting our national security in the hands of countries that may not like us.

Joining Highman in support of the resolution were Jody Wurgler, a senior history major from Louisville; Scott Lindsay, a freshman from Massiloon; and Marco Finotello, a junior geology major from Kent.

Leland Spencer, a junior communication studies major from Massillon and one of the students arguing against the resolution said, 'Violence and conflict are threatening our national security and the United Nations creates opportunities for safety.'

Others against the resolution included Gregory Reichart, sophomore history major from Sharpsville, PA, and Mary Ellen Ditchey, a sophomore French and political science major from Warren.

The winner was chosen through the division of 100 points with 10 points being based on poise, 40 on logic, 20 on manner, 10 on general impression and 20 on cross examination.

Dr. Truman Turnquist, interim vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college, gave the welcome and closing. The chairman and moderator was Dr. Martin Horning, professor of economics, accounting and business administration.

Judges for the debate included Betsy Brown, instructor of education; Robert Garland, director of libraries; Dr. William Howell, assistant professor of economics, accounting and business administration; Dr. Ernest Pratt, assistant professor of education; and Frank Tascone, assistant professor of English, who served as chief judge and scorer.

Prizes for the debate were awarded as follows: Spencer - first prize; Highman ' second prize; Reichart ' third prize; and Finotello ' fourth prize.

This event has been organized by Dr. Santosh Saha, associate professor of history, every semester for the last 14 years to enhance the intellectual development of the College.

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