Mount Union Students Travel to Underground Railroad in Cincinnati for Multicultural Retreat

May 05, 2010

On November 5, students from Mount Union College had the opportunity to go on a multicultural retreat to Cincinnati to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


After touring the Freedom Center, students went to the Newport on the Levee. While there, students had the chance to go to the Newport Aquarium, Gameworks, Fat Fish Blues and many other restaurants and shops.

On Sunday, before heading home, students attended a nondenominational church service at the Gray Road Church of Christ.

Randy Clark, instructor of communication, really enjoyed the retreat and said it helped him to bond with the students. 'I had a fun time on the multicultural retreat and enjoyed all of the events. I felt that I was able to become more connected with the international students at the College. It was a great experience,' said Clark.

Students not only received a great educational experience, they were able to meet new people of different cultural backgrounds and establish new friendships.

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