Mount Union Theatre Marquee is Getting a Facelift

May 05, 2010

Mount Union College is updating the historical Mount Union Theatre marquee by retro-fitting it with two new state-of-the-art full color digital LED message displays, replacing the old manual changeable-letter boards that have been used for decades.

'These full-color boards will provide the opportunity for multiple messages promoting the campus and community while maintaining the historical integrity of the marquee,' said Harry Paidas, vice president for public affairs. 'The LED displays will be capable of displaying text, photos and moving images. Messages can be scheduled up to a year in advance and the programming can easily be modified.'

In order to preserve the vintage look of the marquee, Mount Union enlisted the services of Wagner Electric Sign Company. Based in Cleveland, Wagner Signs has a 25 year history of restoring and refurbishing historic theatre marquees throughout the United States. Other area vintage marquees Wagner Signs has been associated with include the Canton Palace Theatre and the Hanna, Allen, State and Ohio theatres in Cleveland.

'Wagner Signs is often called upon to incorporate old world hands-on skill with new world technology such as digital LED message displays,' said Mark A. Wagner, president of Wagner Signs. 'We strive for the perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology. More and more theatres are incorporating this type of technology within their historical marquees.'

As an added bonus, the displays will also require less energy to run than the lighting behind the old plastic-faced manual boards.

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