Mount Union UMADD Chapter Initiates R.A.I.D. Campaign for the Month of April

May 25, 2010

raidcampaign-webThe Mount Union Chapter of UMADD (University Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is sponsoring a month-long campaign to raise awareness regarding drunk driving. The April 2008 initiative, known as R.A.I.D. (Raiders Against Impaired Driving) Month, has two primary components.

The program’s first component rewards designated drivers every Thursday (beginning at 10 p.m.) in April. UMADD representatives will give yellow wristbands to students who are designated drivers. The bands will entitle the designated drivers to free soft drinks for the evening.

"The students were challenged to fight the war against impaired driving on the 'front line' - that is, address the problem right where and when it occurs most often,” Mark McConnell, UMADD faculty advisor, said. “I can't think of a better, more realistic place to start than by rewarding designated drivers."

R.A.I.D. Month’s second initiative will take place on April 16 from 6-8 p.m. at the campus parking lot across from the Timken Physical Education Building. The event, called Dizzy Driving, challenges student volunteers to drive golf carts through a course while wearing “beer goggles.” Free UMADD t-shirts will be given to Mount Union students who participate in the event.

"I think that the events in R.A.I.D. Month are going to be extremely beneficial to the Mount Union College campus,” said Sarah Ossler, president of the College’s UMADD Chapter. “Our Dizzy Driving campaign is designed to bring awareness to the students of Mount Union about just how dangerous it is to operate a vehicle while under the influence. Hopefully, we will get the student body thinking about the tragic consequences of impaired driving."

For more information regarding the Mount Union’s UMADD chapter or the R.A.I.D. Month initiative and its activities, please contact Sarah Ossler at

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