Mount Union Unveils Online-Exclusive MAEL Program

December 08, 2016

ALLIANCE – For the first time in its storied academic history, the University of Mount Union is offering a strictly online degree through its Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL) program.

The MAEL program, approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Higher Learning Commission, is completing its fifth year at the University. It has been rooted in online learning throughout its time at Mount Union, however students would also have a summer institute each year on campus.

The transition from a hybrid to an online-only program is a major step for the University, as it seeks to enhance accessibility for working professionals hoping to continue their education and further their careers. 

“Compass 2021, our newly adopted strategic plan, commits the University to finding innovative ways to deliver high quality graduate programs that meet the needs of working professionals,” said Mount Union President Dick Merriman. “Moving our outstanding MAEL program to completely online delivery is our first big step toward fulfilling this commitment. We’re excited by the opportunity to serve education professionals from our region and across the country.”

 The University is approved through the ODHE to offer the Ohio Principal's License (PreK-6, 4-9 and 5-12) and the CIPD License (Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development).

"Mount Union's MA in Educational Leadership Program retains personal connections between faculty and students through an active and engaged online community,” said Dr. Mandy Capel, associate professor of education and director of the MAEL program.

The University is also offering a five percent tuition discount for Mount Union undergraduate alumni enrolling in the program and a ten percent discount for students who are one of three or more enrolled from the same school district in the same semester.

The MAEL program is currently accepting applications with rolling admission. The deadline for applications is April 30.

"Whether you choose to focus on building or district leadership, earning your M.A. from Mount Union's online program will give you the skills you need to succeed," said Capel.

For more information on Mount Union’s MAEL program, visit

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