multicultural retreat brings campus community together for open dialogue

May 10, 2010

The Mount Union College Multicultural Retreat was held recently. The semi-annual event is designed to bring individuals together in an off-campus setting to discuss diversity issues and a variety of thoughts and ideas.

The retreat was open to all students and was held at Camp Gideon in Mechanicstown, Ohio. The theme was "Religious Diversity."

The 31 participants, which included students, faculty and staff, were involved with various activities relating to the theme. Religious activities of the weekend were two religious movies, an interactive presentation about breaking myths and stereotypes, committee presentations of world religions and a discussion on science and faith.

A variety of activities were planned such as a bonfire, a cultural showcase and an international dinner featuring a variety of international foods prepared by the Multicultural Retreat Committee.

The discussion of church and faith dealt with the church and conflicting views with science and class. The discussion focus was how to keep the faith and still have a scientific mind.

The cultural showcase gave the participants a chance to discuss, in an open forum setting, the cultural backgrounds of the group through songs, stories and traditions.

"I was surprised at how open the people were to sharing what they believe in and their backgrounds," said Rayna Middleton, a junior from Canton and multicultural retreat chairperson. "The personalities of the people sharing their experiences really developed the discussion."

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