Olivia DeMartino

Olivia DeMartino '18

Major: International Affairs/Music
Hometown:Canfield, Ohio

My advice to a prospective student would be to get involved as much as you can. College goes by really fast and you want to have great people surrounding you while you are here.

Audition Day Information

ARRIVAL: The audition activities may take several hours. It is strongly recommended that students arrive early for adequate warm-up time before the audition activities.

PARKING: There is visitor parking available in the lot next to the Giese Center for Performing Arts. Alternate parking is available on Simpson and Vincent Streets and in the Eells Art Center parking lot (across the street from Cope Music Hall/The Giese Center), as well as in other campus parking lots.

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AUDITION SCHEDULE: Each student will participate in the following activities: (1) individual audition(s) with music faculty, and (2) an interview with representatives of the department faculty. Additionally, students wishing to major in music will be required to complete diagnostic tests in music theory, musicianship, and piano proficiency. Students wishing to minor in music will have the option to complete the above diagnostic tests in order to test out of certain required music courses.

PRACTICE ROOMS: The music department has individual practice rooms located in Cope Music Hall. Limited warm-up time is provided in your personal schedule. You are welcome to use these facilities on audition day.

PARENTS: We welcome your attendance on audition days. While the audtition, interview, and diagnostic tests are for students only, parents are invited to meet with the music faculty afterwards.

HOSPITALITY: Parents and students are invited to the lobby of Cope Music Hall where refreshments will be available.

ACCOMPANISTS: Instrumentalists and vocalists should provide their own accompanist whenever possible. If we will be providing an accompanist for you, you will need to mail or fax your music one month before your audition date and plan to arrive thirty minutes early to rehearse with the accompanist before your audition.

CANCELLATIONS: As a matter of professional courtesy, if you need to cancel your audition for any reason, please notify the VPA office as soon as possible by calling 330-823-2180.


  • Select music that shows your talents in the best light.
  • Be prepared to perform to the top of your ability.
  • Arrive well in advance of your audition time to allow for a sufficient warm-up.
  • Make sure your instrument is in proper working order.
  • Have all appropriate musical scores (not photocopies) with you.
  • Dress as you would for a serious business interview (no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, etc)

QUESTIONS: Contact Ms. Adina Haught, Administrative Assistant, Visual and Performing Arts
Address: 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, Ohio 44601
Phone: 330-823-2180
Fax: 330-823-2144
Email: haughtam@mountunion.edu


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