Olivia DeMartino

Olivia DeMartino '18

Major: International Affairs/Music
Hometown:Canfield, Ohio

My advice to a prospective student would be to get involved as much as you can. College goes by really fast and you want to have great people surrounding you while you are here.

Audition Requirements


  • Scales C-G-D-A-E-F-Bb-Eb-Ab Majors
  • An etude of your choice
  • A solo showing your level of advancement


  • Perform two solos of contrasting style (Preferably memorized)



  • Scales
    • Majors through four sharps and flats
    • Minors through four sharps and flats, harmonic and melodic
  • Three works in contrasting styles, memorized
  • Sight-reading


  • Two works in contrasting styles
  • One prepared hymn
  • Sight-reading


  • A short etude on snare drum, timpani, mallets, or a multiple percussion piece
  • Major scale through 3 sharps and 3 flats
  • Tune the timpani pitches in 4ths and 5ths
  • Snare drum rudiments

NOTE: Students may bring their own accompanist. With advance notification, an accompanist can be provided. If we will be providing an accompanist for you, you will need to send or fax your music one month before your audition date and plan to arrive thirty minutes early to rehearse with the accompanist before your audition.

QUESTIONS: Contact Ms. Adina Haught, Administrative Assistant, Visual and Performing Arts
Address: 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, Ohio 44601
Phone: 330-823-2180
Fax: 330-823-2144
Email: haughtam@mountunion.edu


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