Olivia DeMartino

Olivia DeMartino '18

Major: International Affairs/Music
Hometown:Canfield, Ohio

My advice to a prospective student would be to get involved as much as you can. College goes by really fast and you want to have great people surrounding you while you are here.


Alliance Symphony Orchestra
Instrumental Ensembles
Choral Ensembles

Ensemble Directors
Band Dr. Otis French* (330)-823-2187 Email
Majorette/Flag Advisor Sarah Faiello (330)-685-0975 Email
Jazz Band Jeff Neitzke* (330)-823-2180 Email
Choir Dr. Grant Cook III* (330)-823-2180 Email
Chorale Jane Page (330) 823-2149 Email
Symphony Eric Benjamin (330) 823-2180 Email
Repertory Strings Dr. Elaine Anderson*
(330) 823-2147 Email
Flute Choir Robin Tryon (330) 829-8213 Email
Percussion Ensemble Jeff Neitzke* (330) 823-2180 Email
Musical Theatre Workshop Ronald Hazelett (330) 829-2180 Email
* Denotes Full-time Faculty
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