nancy castellucci fulfills academic dreams at mount union college

May 10, 2010


Since the fall of 1992, Mount Union College's Adult Studies Program has provided individuals unable to partake in traditional college programs the opportunity to achieve a liberal arts education. For Nancy Castellucci, the Adult Studies Program has allowed her to pursue a goal and fulfill her academic dreams.


Nancy, enrolled at Mount Union since the fall of 1997, is among a record 454 graduates who participated in commencement on May 7. She is married to John Castellucci and has two children, Matthew, a senior at Ohio Northern University and Russell. She also holds a full-time administrative assistant position at Cassaday-Turkle-Christian Funeral Home. Despite managing a full-time occupation and being a mother, Nancy, as a Mount Union Adult Studies Student, earned a 3.742 GPA as a psychology major.

"I feel very good about my GPA," Castellucci commented. "I thoroughly valued my education because I was there to learn. Early on it was tough to prioritize dealing with a family and a full-time job. With patience, you learn to do what you have to do to get it done."

She continued.

"When one door closes, a new one opens. Now that I have a bachelor's degree, I can enter an apprenticeship here at Cassady-Turkle and work towards becoming a licensed funeral director."

In addition, not only has Nancy benefited from the education provided by the College, the College benefited from the education she provided the younger traditional students. Most adult studies students are enrolled in evening classes that also include traditional college students. Though outnumbered, the adult studies students surprisingly are not afraid to voice their opinions in class.

"Students have responded very well to us," said Castellucci. "As adults, we are not afraid to speak out and participate in class as some of the younger students are. We have more experience in the real world and add a different dimension because we have life experiences. The students can learn a lot from us and we can certainly learn a lot from them."

It may have seemed a long time coming for Nancy Castellucci, but to her it was truly worth it.

"I really have mixed emotions," she said. "I'll miss the regular interactions with faculty, students and staff. It has been surreal, especially the last couple of weeks."

The Adult Studies Program, though a small fraction of the overall Mount Union experience, is a great opportunity for individuals whose work and family may conflict with traditional college programs to earn a liberal arts education. Students like Nancy Castellucci are prime examples of how one can achieve academic excellence enrolled in the Adult Studies Program at Mount Union.

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