Nathan Lorah '16

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Job Title: East Liverpool, Ohio

Minors: Business Administration, Physics and Mathematics

Future Engineer

President of Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer of the Engineering Club and Member of the Men's Swimming Team


Why Mount

During a recruitment visit for swimming, I was impressed with the campus and people I had met. Also, I had heard great things about the faculty and general experience from recent and past students and also wanted to be a part of new and growing science departments on campus.

Beautiful Campus

Other than the friends I’ve made, I love how beautiful the campus is. I am very impressed with how well Physical Plant works to keep the campus looking nice. Some buildings I enjoy include EBB, KHIC and Bracy Hall of Science. I also love the education I have received and how much the professors care about their students and have shown they don’t just see teaching as a job.

Favorite Building

My favorite place on campus is KHIC. I have had several classes there and I love the views of campus from the top floors. I see many swimmers in KHIC while I am studying and they are often in study rooms. I also have my own study spot if I have homework I need to do on my own.

Well-Rounded Education

The benefits of a liberal arts education in the engineering world are immense. Many of the concerns of engineering students currently are that they are not well-rounded in their education. Mount Union offers a wide variety of classes in the integrative core that leave students versatile and ready for the world.

Becoming Prepared

Mount Union is preparing me in more ways than one for success after graduation. The written and oral communication requirements have prepared me for overall communication in the workplace. The engineering courses and science labs I have taken have been exceptionally hands-on and helped me solidify the concepts introduced in class along with learning new ones.

Why I love Mechanical Engineering

I chose mechanical engineering as a major because of the diversity of what is learned. With six semesters of course work I have noticed how I approach problems differently and have become more efficient in everyday situations. I plan on using these skills in order to help the world become more efficient in order to meet the demands of a growing population and with that, a need for more energy and resources.

Hands-On Experience

My favorite hands-on experience in engineering so far has been the windmill project I participated in my freshman year. I learned how to write a detailed report on the purpose, objectives and results of the project, had the opportunity to work in a team and to become a leader. It was fun building something and seeing it function as well as produce energy. Also for a little more than a year, I have had the opportunity to work for a fuel cell testing and research lab called LG Fuel Cell systems. I am actively engaged in the engineering process and work alongside technicians and engineers to solve problems in assembling and testing solid oxide fuel cells. I have applied concepts learned in classes from chemistry, physics and thermodynamics, to name a few.

Favorite Class

My favorite class so far has been Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics I. The most interesting part, in my opinion, has been the thermodynamics with the concepts covered including the ideal gas law, internal energy, enthalpy, evaluating properties and the first law of thermodynamics applied to control mass and control volume systems. This class also applied much of what I have learned in physics, chemistry and calculus which shows the importance of general education classes.

Dream Job

My dream job would include working on energy production systems and making them more efficient and maybe one day creating a new kind of way to produce energy that does not considerably harm the environment. I feel a great amount of pride when designing something and I look forward to applying the concepts learned at Mount Union in the real world.

Favorite Professor

My favorite professor so far has been Dr. Hans Tritico. I have taken two of his classes and both have been very beneficial to my education. He has also been very helpful with making academic decisions as well as decisions relating to swimming; given he was also a collegiate swimmer. He has given me connections to internships, potential jobs and has shown that his own job is something he is very passionate about and he truly cares for his students.


I learned how to take initiative as a leader as I worked with a group of my peers to write a detailed report on constructing a windmill. Constructing the windmill and watching it work to produce energy was a rewarding experience.

To The Top!