Nathan Lorah Finds Success in Mount Union’s Engineering Program

May 11, 2016

For recent mechanical engineering graduate Nathan Lorah, of East Liverpool, Ohio, the uniqueness of Mount Union’s engineering program is just what he needed to excel in the field.

“I'm the kind of guy who likes a good challenge and who likes to solve complex problems,” Lorah said. “This led me to look into a STEM field and I thought mechanical engineering was the best application of what I was good at.”

This drive to become a successful mechanical engineer is what led Lorah to Mount Union and its engineering program.

“One of the most unique things about Mount Union’s engineering program is the combination of the technical courses with liberal arts courses in the Integrative Core,” Lorah said. “This allows engineers to not only solve traditional technical problems but allow the critical thinking mind to apply itself to other areas.”

In addition to the structure of the program, Lorah also notes how the professors help to set the program apart. He specifically mentioned Dr. Osama Jadaan, professor of civil and mechanical engineering and Chair of the Department of Engineering.

“The engineering program has grown to become very competitive with other schools,” Lorah said. “Dr. Jadaan has done an excellent job in seeing what students want and need out of the program.”

This one-on-one interaction with students is one thing that Lorah loves about the student-faculty mentorships in the department.

“Mount Union’s engineering program is particularly distinct in the way the professors interact with the students,” Lorah said. “The students gain a valuable asset in coming here with the ability to ask questions in small classes that elaborate on concepts and gain mentors outside of the classroom to help with their journey through college.”

One pivotal point in his educational journey is when Lorah had the opportunity to work on a project with fellow engineering major Gretchen Dietz, also of East Liverpool, Ohio, who will be a senior in the fall. Working together with a larger group, the two students fixed and cleaned a water fountain in their hometown that had been broken for many years.

“During this project, the team was able to apply skills learned in electronics and interpret engineering drawings,” Lorah said.

In addition to that outside of the classroom experience, Lorah‘s involvement on campus has also contributed to his growth as a student. Lorah was involved as the member of the swim team, President of Pi Mu Epsilon and treasurer the Engineering Club. One of Lorah’s favorite parts about Mount Union was the opportunity to be so involved, even with a demanding major.

“I liked the ability to continue swimming. Going to a bigger school I would have missed out on being a collegiate athlete,” Lorah said.

Overall, Lorah notes how the classes he took at Mount Union have helped prepare him for a promising future in the engineering program.

“I am most proud of the amount of classes I have taken,” Lorah said. “While at Mount Union, I had four semesters with 20 credits and I feel I had a very well-rounded education as a result.”

After graduation, Lorah plans to move to Cape Canaveral, Florida, to work as a ground support engineer for United Launch Alliance.

“Don't give up on your dreams,” Lorah said. “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”




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