Roxanne Hoch ’15

Major: International Studies
Hometown:Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

While taking Elementary Chinese, I had the opportunity to practice traditional Chinese calligraphy. This was my absolute favorite part of class because it shows that there is not only a difference in the way words are written (characters versus letters), but also a difference in the method of how the language is written.


Since the events of September 11, 2001, the national security and intelligence industry has engaged in an aggressive capacity build-up, translating in a rising demand in both the public and private sectors for qualified individuals. Intelligence and national security analysts are employed by local, state and federal agencies as well as private corporations, helping to secure our homeland, its people and infrastructure. The National Security and Foreign Intelligence Analysis major offers an applied approach to the study of national security while providing a broad education in intelligence analysis, U.S. foreign policy, cyber security, foreign languages and global politics. The program emphasizes practical experiences with specially focused internships as well as opportunities for hands-on experiences to prepare you for a rewarding career. 

Network security
Military service
Private corporations involved in intelligence analysis and national security as well as market and competitive intelligence analysis
Military Intelligence
Central Intelligence Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
Department of Energy
Department of Homeland Security
Department of State
Department of the Treasury
Drug Enforcement Administration
Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
National Reconnaissance Office
National Security Agency
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Local and state law enforcement
State homeland security agencies
98% of our 2013 graduates started a degree-required career or were accepted to graduate school (based on respondents)
*Based on a survey of the Class of 2013 with 85% self reporting
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